In Italy, we ate a soup at ZaZa’s,  pork chop with white beans and for desert we had tiramisu. Cooked at Giglio’s cooking school a similar soup, beef and Tiramisu. Also cooked, homemade pasta, with tomato sauce, ground beef and pork, and made stuffed ravioli with spinach and cheese. Tried new foods; veal brains, liver and spleen, pig cheek, wild boar, fresh lobster, gnocchi, homemade non dried pasta, desert wines, many different red and white wines, and olive oil.

All of these foods tasted so much better than foods I have eaten anywhere else, and much fresher, especially the tomatoes. All the foods had much more flavor.

I now love homemade pasta, fresh tomatoes (was not a fan of tomatoes before), and wine. I liked all of the new foods I tried. Veal brains had a good taste, but the texture was not for me, was like cream cheese. Liver and spleen was good on bread, reminded me of black bean hummus. Pig cheek was also good, was like bacon but leaner. Wild boar was good, tasted a lot like pot roast. I love lobster, but the lobster in Italy from the ocean tasted much better, fresher with a hint of sea salt. Gnocchi was good,
I had it with a cheese sauce and rose petals- very good but so different. The desert wine was good at the olive farm, but not so good at the restaurant we went to the last night. All of the wines I liked but I preferred the white wine from Cinque terre.


IMG_1610[1] First night a ZaZa’s, we ate a white bean soup-IMG_1611[1] in a very large bowl- IMG_1612[1] then we had pork stuffed with garlic and rosemary and for a side more white beans in a delicious sauce –IMG_1613[1]  for desert we had tiramisu (not pictured here). This is the market down the street from out hotel that we visited our second day in Italy with MarcelloIMG_1615[1] IMG_1616[1]  IMG_1619[1] IMG_1624[1] IMG_1625[1] IMG_1627[1] I found the food market to be an amazing experience because we in America it is not something I have ever seen. I would like to have a market like this with fresh foods close by. This was our first day at the Giglio school of cooking, we made this soup-IMG_1634[1] then we made beef in red whine, which tasted wonderful because of all the flavors and juices left in it. We also learned how to make tiramisu, which was similar to the one I had made at home, but seemed to taste much better. I noticed the proportions of everything in Italy are a bit larger than I am used to in the U.S. For example this is a large beer,IMG_1666[1] and there was a restaurant that served beer in a larger glass than this.  We went to an olive farm where they served us the best meal I have ever had, we started with a  plate each of appetizers. I would have to say the pastry was my favorite then the fried sage leaf. For an entree we had crepes with cheese sauce, which were so delicious.   IMG_1735[1] After that we had this ice cream with fruit and a wafer stick- even better than an gelato I had tried and better than tiramisu which is my favorite desert.IMG_1736[1] The meal did not end there, we then had desert wine, which was very good, then espresso. This was the first time I had ever tried espresso, I found it to be very strong and burnt tasting, however with a little sugar the espresso tasted much better.  These are the grapes from Montepulciano, the first vineyard we went to IMG_1753[1] and these were the barrels that wine ferments in IMG_1762[1] Next, an olive oil tasting IMG_1779[1] then a second wine tastng IMG_1784[1] then lunch where I had bruschetta, which was different than others and the one I made because this one was more like purred, then there was pesto, similar to the one I made and just as good, and lastly was mushrooms with cheese on top and I hate mushrooms however I liked them prepared this way IMG_1805[1] Here is the last wine tasting, which in my opinion was the best, not by the taste of wine but because of the personality of the owner, he seemed to me like what I expected an Italian to be like. He was very nice, passionate and pushy in trying his wine.IMG_1809[1] Here is another meal I had at ZaZa’s, it is beef with roasted potatoes, and it tasted like the best beef and potatoes I have ever had, unfortunately I was full when I got my meal so I could hardly eat much of it. In the left hand corner is a new drink called an orange spritzer- very good. In the middle is water, at most restaurants water is given in a bottle, then on the right hand side is a white wine. IMG_1816[1] Leaving Italy 😦 IMG_1844


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